Thursday, June 28, 2012

Immaculate Cinnamon Roll Conception

I've long been searching for a great cinnamon roll. When it comes to emotional eating, nothing fills the void as satisfyingly as a warm, doughy, gooey cinnamon roll. When I walk through an airport, I have to engage the anti-Cinnabon forcefield because it's the ultimate cinnamon roll for me. I take off the outer ring because it's too dry and eat only the moist inner rings.

Immaculate Cinnamon Rolls in the oven

Although I haven't found anything satisfying locally, I did recently find a nice option at Whole Foods. Immaculate Cinnamon Rolls come in one of those pop-open cardboard cannisters but have a great flavor profile and since you're baking them at home, you can get your desired moistness. I under-bake them a bit because I really like them gooey.

Immaculate Cinnamon Rolls
The frosting is too sweet for my taste, so I recommend using it sparingly. I'm already on my second carton and that's a problem because there are 5 in each carton. Enjoy!

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