Sunday, March 17, 2013

Passover Seder Game: Multiple Choice Four Questions

If matzah ball soup is the "chosen" soup, what better way to spice up your Passover seder than Lisa Klug's matzo ball martini? This debauchery is only one of many suggestions for a unique Passover Seder in Klug's Hot Mamalah. Self-described as an arsenal of cocktails, appetizers, and attitude, Hot Mamalah is Klug's follow-up to Cool Jew.

Klug reinterprets Passover's traditional four questions (aka Ma Nishtana) and reassigns them from the youngest child to the hot nerd, honorary Heeb, adorkable, and to the schmoozer. Indeed, why should just one person (the youngest child) at the table get to have all the fun?

For "Why tonight do we eat only matzah?" the possible answers include: "We ran out of cardboard." For "Why are we all reclining?" the right answer may be sciatica. Below is the excerpt from Hot Mamalah.

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