Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For Italians, Amaretti Cookies are like Chocolate Chip Cookies for Americans

Our recent post about amaretti cookies has drawn a lot of interest so I did more research on this delightful cookie with the help of chef Maria Teresa Capdevielle and gourmet Italian marketplace DITALIA is offering our readers a discount on their classic amaretti cookies, both crunchy and soft.

Professional pastry chef and author Maria Teresa Capdevielle shared her insights with us about this popular Italian cookie that is similar to an almond macaroon. "Amaretti cookies are a staple of the Italian pastry kitchen. We use them as an ingredient for many cakes and tarts. We also use them as an ice cream or zabaione topping." (Check out Maria's recipe for Zabaglione with Strawberries and Amaretti Crumbs.)

"Every town has its own amaretti recipe. In Abruzzo, the region I come from, amaretti are soft and sometimes filled with a fruit preserve. The most popular amaretti are from Saronno and they are crispy - great for dipping in coffee or sweet liquor." (Consider getting the soft amaretti cookies and spreading preserves/jam or nutella/ganache between them to make pretty cookie sandwiches. They'll look like über-trendy Ladurée boutique macaroons.)

I asked Maria if there was a certain time of year during which amaretti cookies are showcased in Italian culture, like pumpkin pie is for Thanksgiving in the US. Maria replied, "If I have to pick a celebration to eat amaretti, I think Christmas would be the one. But for Italians, amaretti are like chocolate chip coookies for Americans." (Consider serving amaretti cookies or making desserts with amaretti cookies for Easter or Passover. They're certified Kosher OU, without flour or milk, and I believe they're gluten free as well.)

In celebration of this versatile and delicious cookie, DITALIA is offering a generous discount of 20% off all the Amaretti cookies in their online marketplace for Italian gourmet food. Use code AMA20 until March 15, 2010. Thank you, DITALIA! Check out Amaretti Cookies from DITALIA.

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We'd love to hear from you about Amaretti cookies. Eat, drink, and be merry!

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