Sunday, March 7, 2010

Interview with the Man Behind the Adobo Hobo Food Cart

How ya doin', I'm Jason Rotairo, the Adobo Hobo and I have a San Francisco street food cart.

I serve Filipino food. It's mainly chicken adobo over rice and I also serve sisig tacos.

I started doin' the cart...My first night out was August 1st and I started doin' the cart because some friends came home one day and I was in the kitchen cookin'. They came home from visiting the creme brulee cart and encouraged me to get out here and get something going `cause I'm the cook of the household. So that's what I did, I got it started, and about 7-8 months later, still going strong.

So, originally I just started it to try it out, have some fun with it, but it's actually turning out to be a lot of fun for me and pretty successful so I'm going to keep it goin' and hopefully grow it into something else.

Food and Wine Maven: How many nights a week are you out?
JR: I'm usually out about three or four nights a week...and it's not just nights, I go out at lunchtime also. A lot of times, I'm at South Park for the lunchtime crowd over there.

Food and Wine Maven: Mmm. I loved your tacos tonight. They were killer.
JR: They were killer? Are you the one I'm going to teach?
Food and Wine Maven: Yes.
JR: OK. Let's do it.
Food and Wine Maven: Thank you.
JR: Thank you.

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