Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Modern Picnic

I always think of a picnic as a big production with a checkerboard blanket, picnic basket, plates and glasses, and special homemade treats. It turns out that it can be easy, cheap, and a great way to relax with your friends. No need for bougie, just grab a buddy and a sandwich and enjoy the nice weather.

At Dolores Park, it turns out that Safeway is the number one source of goodies because it's easy and inexpensive and nearby. Homemade food was also popular as well as Ike's Place. Also making a showing: Truly Mediterranean, Tartine Bakery, BiRite Market & Creamery, Jay's Cheesesteak, and Foods Co. Although the food carts weren't around that day, except for the ice cream carts of course, check Twitter in advance to see if the food carts will be in your area. Using Yelp, you can see which other restaurants are near Dolores Park.

It's a crime not to enjoy warm picnicking weather in San Francisco so go make the most of it! The Modern Urban Picnic doesn't require much effort.

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