Sunday, May 16, 2010

Supporting Your Cause with Cupcakes

Many people wouldn't think twice about where the proceeds are going if they are facing down a delicious-looking cupcake, cookie, pie, or coffee cake. And there were definitely tasty ones at the San Francisco branch of the Worldwide Vegan Bakesale last weekend.

The Worldwide Vegan Bakesale took place in cities all over the world. By May 3rd, over 120 sales were held and the event was extended an additional week in over a dozen cities. Last year, San Francisco's sale raised $4200 for the Food Empowerment Project and SaveABunny! Worldwide, the sales last year raised over $25,000.

This year, San Francisco's sale benefited WildCare (treating sick/injured wild animals) and Virunga National Park (protecting gorillas in the Congo). Regardless, I found the strawberry shortcake cupcake delightful (does anyone know who made those?). Treats were available Bike Basket Pies, Black Orchid Bakery, Brassica Supperclub, Scarlette Poppy (Team of Heather and Mike Jimenez), Sugar Beat Sweets, Violet Sweet Shoppe, and other purveyors.

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