Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Food as Rorschach Test

What do you see in these pictures? What does that say about you?

The artist, Kimiaki Yaegashi, says the works above have no meaning. In his words: "I'm always drawing the scene which flashed." Meaning, he just draws the scenes that pop into his head. However, he does explain that the baby is none other than the brave and strong Kintaro, a hero of Japanese folklore, often wearing just a bib with the kanji for "gold."

Based on the other images in this Pizza series, I believe the baby represents the traditional Japanese side of the artist, the part that desires to be the golden boy of his generation. On the other hand, there are temptations lurking all around him, luring him to surrender to baser (perhaps even foreign!) ideals.

What is your interpretation?

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