Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hercule Poirot and Food

A few “Poirot-isms” about food:

"The English do not have a cuisine, they have only the food. Like the meat: overcooked; the vegetables: too soft; the cheese: inedible. And the day the English create their own wines is the day I will return to Belgium." (Episode: The Yellow Iris)

"When it is cold and dark and there is nothing else to eat, it is passable." Poirot opines on English cuisine while eating fish & fries from the R.C. Saunders "Super Fish & Chips Bar" food truck after a long day's work. (Episode: The Yellow Iris)

"The bowels in spit...I have your assurance it is the kidneys of a lamb, but on a skewer, yes? C'est Parfait. Then, for me, the bowels in spit." Ordering from a poorly-translated restaurant menu, Poirot asks the waiter to clarify one of the dishes. (Episode: Triangle at Rhodes)

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